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Hive Wine Bar

The upper walls of this wine bar resemble the hexagonal cells you see in beehives, to give the place a distinct and warm feeling. The counters, where guests can enjoy their wine, are made of light-colored marble for an elegant, clean and sophisticated look.

Above, the copper fixtures add a touch of class to the setup. Two tones of hardwood used on the panels and seating complete the picture.

After envisioning this scene I jumped into 3DSMax and started to create – I played around with the hexagonal beehive patterns, formed the marble counters, and added the pillars & copper supports overhead. Once I felt good about the shapes and structures, I used V-Ray’s lighting to illuminate the space which brought the surface materials to life, and set up the VRay physical camera with a focal length of around 50mm.

The upper ‘hive’ aspect of the bar is directly illuminated with slightly orange lighting to accentuate this element.

View on Behance – Hive Wine Bar 3D – Geoff Ballington
View on ArtStation – Hive Wine Bar 3D – Geoff Ballington